CakeML Developers Meeting 2018

A discussion about the future development and use of CakeML

Date:  29 May 2018
Venue:  D&IT room 8103, Chalmers, Sweden


This meeting aims to bring together as many people as possible working on or using CakeML. CakeML is a distributed project with developers and users across at least 7 sites (3 continents). As such, it is beneficial for developers and users to once in a while meet face-to-face to get to know each other, re-cap what has been going on, and to create a common vision for the future of the project.


There is a programme with presentations (see below). The idea is that each presentation leaves a lot of time for discussions. Demos are highly encouraged and plenty of prior knowledge of CakeML can be assumed of the audience when preparing presentations. Presentations can be anything from proper slides to sketching something in a text editor. White boards can be used but are not particularly convenient in the meeting room.


This programme was put together to start with applications of CakeML and recent uses of CakeML, and then gradually move towards familiar core CakeML development (e.g. compiler hacking). The idea is that the recent uses of CakeML might influence the planning of future core development.

09:30 - 10:30


10:50 - 12:00


13:30 - 15:00


15:20 - 16:40
Social event and dinner starting 17:15


Contact Magnus Myreen for more information or to request changes to the programme.